The Heroine for Poser

Click here to download the freebie Heroine figure!
Please read the licencing terms below before downloading and using this model.

You are completely free to use this product in any commercial or non-commercial render, image, or animation. You may NOT sell or give away any files found in this zip package without express permission. You are free to use the enclosed template files to make your own textures. You are free to redistribute your own textures as you wish, provided they do not use any images found in this zip file.

The use of this file to create PHYSICAL 3d MODEL products for sale is prohibited, either by moulding, sculpting, Plastic injection moulding, card construction or producing scale plans for modellers to use, or any other moulding technique.

You may create digital add-on items for this product, and you may use images/renders of this product to promote your add-on, either commercial or free-ware.

You may use this product to create commercial products that rely on 2d artwork, such as greetings cards, posters, mouse-mats.

'Dark Anvil' is copyright MDM Ltd. You may use the phrase 'Dark Anvil' to give acknowledgement when a Dark Anvil product is used in your commercial item.

If you are not sure about anything. Please ask, we'll be happy to help!

Download [2.25mb]


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